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Which website technology factors affect SEO success?

Optimising on-page content, implementing keywords, and building relevant links may be the pillars of SEO, but technical factors that fly under the radar also impact your campaigns. While Google has moved in a more user-centric direction with its most recent updates, optimizing technical elements can pay dividends in boosting rankings, engagement and conversions on your site.

there are technical SEO factors that come up time and again which can garner significant improvements, making your site a hospitable environment for search engines to ensure optimum performance. Here, we’ll take a look at five technical elements that can affect SEO success.

Site speed
Site speed is now a direct ranking factor, particularly for the mobile search engine results pages (SERPs). Since Google switched to mobile-first indexing and directed attention towards engagement and user experience, sites with slow loading times have been penalized in SERPs – particularly those which lack relevant, engaging content.

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