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Top Open Source ERP In Nigeria

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a product intended to oversee everyday business exercises and incorporate the principle territories of an association’s business forms into a solitary brought together application/framework. At the end of the day, ERP is the main issue for all business tasks which help accomplish the greatest efficiency.

ERP is comprised of programming segments which are additionally called modules, which centers around key business regions, for example, bookkeeping, HR, CRM, resource the board, stock administration, generation the executives, store network the executives and so on. Modules to be utilized fluctuates starting with one association then onto the next relying upon the specific business they run.

ERP software offers credible solutions to challenges faced by many Nigerians companies of different scale. Below are some of the key reasons why many businesses in Nigeria are embracing ERP Solutions like never before.

ERPcaLL is top open source ERP provider in Nigeria, ERPcaLL serve in CRM, Accounting, MIS, Sales, Purhase, Inventory, School ERP solutions and Manufacturing ERP solutions.

1. Increase Productivity and Efficiency

ERP improves workflow and enables employees to do their jobs more efficiently by bridging the gap between business departments.

2.      Improve Business Growth and Performance

With the help of ERPcaLL open source ERP easily any industry can increase the growth and performance. Like odoo can help to manage your organization.

3.      Enable Wise and Proactive Decision

The system of ERP enables business managers in Nigeria to make faster and well-informed decisions that will positively impact different areas of their businesses.

4.      Reduces Operational Cost

ERP software saves businesses lots of money through various ways like streamlining and automating which improves business performance, productivity and leading to the need of fewer staffs.

5. Real time Operational Information

ERP software gives greater and real-time visibility into different operations of a business, due to its ability to be accessed 24/7.

6. Collaboration

ERP facilitates the collaboration of businesses in Nigeria by integrating data from various departments at various levels; between employers and their employees

7. Minimize Human Manipulation and Errors:

As a result of its ability to collect data from multiple sources across various departments, it eliminates data duplication, provides data and provide financial integrity.

8.      Data security

Nigerian companies that utilize the services of ERP boast that their data is secured for life, because, all their data are being stored and backed up in the cloud.

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