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Technology creating Job for Tomorrow

Technology creating jobs of tomorrow:
This career includes the planning and design of software and hardware systems that are used in robotic systems.

These are the people that assist in applications right down to self-service checkouts and right up to the Mars Rover.

Scrum Master: no this has nothing to do with Football.

A scrum master heads up an agile project team and ensures that everything has a place and everyone has a role. These people are expert communicators and coordinators of humans and tasks.

Digital Transformation Consultant: things don’t just get automated and analog solutions don’t become digital on their own.

This person assists organizations on their journey to using technology to streamline operations and deal with the risks and change management within the associated company and staff.

A fine balance between tech and people skills.

This is just a taste test of the roles that our children are preparing to take on in the workforce of tomorrow.

Whilst those tech skills will come in handy we also know that expert communication skills are in high demand.

Understanding the balance of what skills are required and how we develop them is the key to successfully guiding the next generation into the workforce of the future.

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