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Difference Between Web Designer & Web Developer?

Before starting What is the difference between a web designer and a web developer it is really important to understand the actual meaning of both words. And If you are smart guy and you have both the skills then you become a full stack developer. Yes, That is called full stack developer who having the knowledge of both back end and front end. Now let come to the point and discuss both meaning and workings.

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What is Web Designer:

Web designers are responsible for the UI part of the web visual part,web designer must have a great sense of aesthetics, colors & have the ability to make the website look beautiful. Definition little change web designer job is also become customer centric. What’s more, they are using web design tools like Photoshop, Coreldraw, Frontpage, Dreamweaver to make the website stand out of the crowd.

Web Developer(

What is Web Developer:

Web developer is also called front-end developer. Web development is the part of developing a front-end interface such as a web page or app, and implementing the UI interaction by using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, frameworks, and other parts of code.

Web designers and web developers often work together as well. Instead of being competitive, they are complementary.

This will tell you figure out whether you need to hire a designer or developer for your organization or for your website. We’ll start off by defining both professions. Then, we’ll continue by taking a look at how they work together. We’ll also share the average hourly rates you’d need to pay to hire a web designer or developer.

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What Kind Of Salaries Can Web Designers And Web Developers Expect To Earn?

 According to Glassdoor, the median annual pay for web developers is INR 400K/year, while the median annual pay for web designers is around INR 366k/year as per India. This the range where we can see the developer salary is little higher then the web designer but the point is it may vary based on roles and responsibility.

What skills and tools should a web developer master?

For Web developers and web designers both are using own special tools and without tools and specialization it is really tough to perform the task in your organization. Some tools, I tried to list hear-

Code store tools: SVN, CVS, Github, etc; (In this all are having private and public repo to store the code with privacy.

HTML Editor /IDE: WebStorm, Sublime, VS Code, etc. All these are excellent IDE html editors.

Front-end development technology: HTML, JavaScript, CSS and so on

Front-end framework: jQuery, React, Bootstrap and so on

What skills and tools should a web designer master?

Design tools for web designers

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • GIMP
  • Sketch
  • Dreamweaver
  • AI

Can Any one be both a web developer and a web designer?

The new definition both sill sets persons are called now “devigner“. This means devigner have both skill sets means designer and developers. Suggest that either are you a web design or a web developer, you have to focus on one so that will make you more professional in this field, and much easier to plan your career.  Although, you’re in luck, as a web developer can be a web designer as much as a designer can choose to be a developer.

Although having the ability to execute front-end development make a better designer, but you don’t have to go deep, all you have to is to learning some basic coding language to communicate with the web developer well.

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