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Billboard Placement: Real Time Site Location visibility

As a Outdoor Media Agency you need to decide the Billboards placement with real time location visibility. There are many different decisions you’ll have to make as a owner of outdoor media agency to generate more revenue with advertising campaign, but real time billboard placement is one of the most important thing that we are missing. That’s why Billboard Placement: Real Time Site Location visibility is very important those days.

OOH Automation

If we start calculating full process of one campaign execution for the customer so we will find 1 to 2 days we loss the media plan presentation with our customers. So that we effecting our business long chain process.

In addition to location, you’ll also have to consider which type of service billboard hoardings, & media you have for your customers.

Each of these factors plays a role in determining the prime location for your billboard.

Real Time availability

With the online site visibility our customer can see the available site. He can see all basic information without waiting media plan. He can also send quotation to you. And suppose we can also increase productivity if the site is booked so he can also block your site for future date. Have look the demo of of live software with ERPcaLL.

Time Saving

In general we receive query more then conversion but we need to spend same time of hours for our lead instead of prospects. With the real time of availability we can serve number of lead with our live sites. You will make higher chance of getting quotation from your prospects instead of leads.

Sales funnel

With the help of live site visibility and sales funnel concept we filter our leads and our prospects.We start storing our data of leads and start converting our prospects in customers. Sales funnel concept increase probability of profit more then 60%.


Automation of our existing system will help get loss of human error. Number of error we face with it. One followup and wrong availability reports. Customer will directly receive the quotation and payment of option to checkout directly with wasting time of discussion. Integrated CRM with whatsapp to direct get in touch with your customers and automation email where you will send email without switching one platform to another.

Many more features for Real time site visibility that we can plan for our business. OOH software automation ERP provider ERPcaLL help to increase business revenue.

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