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5 Tips and Tricks for SaaS product sales

5 Tips And Tricks For SaaS Product Sales” Customer specific, Strong followup, Product knowledge and never offer a discount in SaaS based Products.

  • Stick to your ideal customer profile. A software product might have different use cases. As a result, you might need to use different approaches and sales channels when targeting a specific audience. Always focus in your specific target.
  • Know your product in and out. SaaS sales are a type of consultative sales, where you need to focus on the customer’s problem and recommend a solution that will specifically address that problem. That is why it’s important that you understand exactly how your product works and what benefits it can offer (rather than simply knowing its features). Like OOH (Outdoor Media management software)
  • Persistence is the key when it comes to B2B SaaS sales, especially with outbound tactics. This means you should never hesitate to follow up with your prospects, Every prospects will not available to reply on you very cold call and your every email. Be attentive they will response you when they feel is it okay and necessary for him.
  • However, it’s also OK to let a prospect go if you clearly see that there’s no fit. When your product can’t offer the perfect solution to the prospect’s problem (whether it’s due to the lack of required features, scale, industry focus, etc.), it’s better to say so and refer the prospect to a company that can better fit their needs. Never over promise if you can’t deliver on your words.
  • customers. Don’t think that your job is done once you’ve closed the deal. There’s still so much more you can do – upsell, help your customer success team prevent churn and build loyalty, generate referrals.

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